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Rohit Prakash

There are many guides out there that are very good to help you get started with setting up the TF Object Detection API, but unfortunately, most of them are written for the TF v1 API.

We will take a look at how to use the TF v2 Object Detection API to build a model for a custom dataset on a Google Colab Notebook.

Before we begin the setup, make sure to change the runtime-type in Colab to GPU so that we can make use of the free GPU provided.

1. Installing Dependencies and setting up the workspace.

Create a folder for your workspace

%mkdir workspace
%cd /content/workspace

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While many people still use class-based components in React, and they may have their own reasons as to doing so, let me tell you why you should be using functional components in your projects from here on out.


Functional components look good. They make the code look crisp, concise, and easy to read. It avoids unwanted verbiage and subconsciously pleases the viewer. Surely this is good enough of a reason, no?

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What is procrastination and why do we do it?

According to Wikipedia, Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something.

The human tendency to postpone their work is age-old and happens to quite literally everyone. From “I’ll do my homework tomorrow, mom” to “I’m sorry I missed the project deadline, I was hung up on something else”, procrastination is everywhere and the truth is that tomorrow never comes.

To explain how to overcome procrastination we must first understand a few reasons as to why we procrastinate.

Bored Work Day GIF By Ailujulia


With the gargantuan increase in the usage of social media and smartphones, humans have grown accustomed…

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What is Streamlit?

Streamlit is a python package that allows you to make deployable interactive web apps for your data science projects all without knowing a single line of HTML code, with minimal lines of python code. Streamlit allows you to do a multitude of things without having to worry about any Javascript or CSS code etc.

It automatically refreshes the web app when there is an input given interactively or if there is a change to the source code, which increases the usability exponentially.

Why use Streamlit?

Data Scientists, ML/AI engineers, etc. don’t have the time or patience to learn the complete web development stack…

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Recently I tried getting into GSoC and I failed. These are the valuable things I learned that I would like to share so that you do not make the mistakes that I did. I am going to keep the following points short and simple.


This is the most important point in this list, I would suggest all you aspirants to start going through the previous year’s organization list as early as October-November, and get in touch with these organizations through their IRC (Slack, Gitter, etc.) channels. Interact with them and contribute to their open-source.


I would suggest you look at…

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Sun hanging low on the horizon, casting an orange hue on the sky. Wind rustling up the leaves fallen on the trodden path that lies before me, a long dirt road amidst the trees. I walk past squirrels and rabbits that are jumping about near the road. The shadow of the canopy making it seem dark and gloomy, but the sunlight creeps through routinely and forms a beautiful glow.

Time flies as I keep walking and by twilight, the daylight is blurring and I see a bright, blinding red light in the sky. In the blink of an eye, the…

  1. Peace during the Plague.
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Sounds of nature surround me,
Wails of widows haunt me.
The bustling cities are things of yore,
Alas, this woe, caused time to slow.

So quick was he, who swept the land
We were not yare, we did all we can.
Great nations fell, to this potent poison
Chaos runs amok, this is the last stand.

Amidst the babel, there lies a serene silence;
This eerie peace, caused by the growing violence.
Sparrows chirping, saplings growing,
The world is calmer hence.

Countless bodies, litter the streets of cities;
Huddled in houses, perturbed by the disease,
One day, humanity will surmount this plague
And yet, when time hastens, the earth will sicken.

What is Data Science?

Data Science at the heart of it is just exploring data and discovering numerous things when playing around with this data. For example, Netflix gathers user data and uses insights from this data to recommend better movies that suit your taste.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. -Wikipedia

This science revolves around a cycle called the Data Science Process. A typical data science process involves obtaining the data, cleaning it, analyzing it, model fitting, interpret and visualizing.

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Why Data Science?

The meaning of Data Science…

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